Hi Friend!

My name is Fleury Rose, and I am the gal behind the 100% original, unique, handmade items from Sweetness, like Crystal Tie Dye, and Sockras! I want to introduce myself, and my brand so you know who you are giving your hard earned dollars to during a pretty crazy time in history.

Sweetness was born first as a hobby, and then as a means of survival when my career as a nail artist came to a screeching halt during a global pandemic. I was quarantined home alone with my young son, wondering how to make ends meet, and also… bored as hell! I had purchased a small tie dye kit we were going to do as a summer craft project, so I ordered a few blank hoodies, and got to work… the response was amazing, custom orders continued to fly in, and the rest is history!

Thank you for your support
Xoxo Fleury Rose